10 October 2016 EEF Board Meeting

As of 2018 the FEI will no longer take responsibility for existing Regional Championships and the EEF Board Members unanimously decide that EEF will take this responsibility over from the FEI (with regards to allocation, representation, regulation, officials, medals).

It is agreed that this is a good opportunity for both parties and may serve as a positive role model for other regions as well.

The Board Members highlight that the correct framework will have to be set in order to ensure that the OC and participating NFs will follow the rules and comply with the requirements (ie regarding the FEI Entry System). The Brotherhood program shall be used to develop the region and the event with regards to standards, governance, decision making, structure, etc.

A working group shall be appointed which will be chaired by Theo Ploegmakers. Theo Ploegmakers, Armagan Özgörkey and George Dimaras shall determine the members of the working group.


Board Meeting MInutes