Future of Balkan Championships

FEI Balkan Championships have long tradition. These Championships were staged in Istanbul in 1968 and have since become a developmental opportunity for athletes in the region. Dressage has been established in 1992 under governance of FEI.

In the past, already more than two decades, Greece was very dominant nation in dressage. Long time ago, Seniors from Bulgaria, Greece and Romania have been ridding Grand Prix level at Balkan Dressage Championships, but lately looks like level is lower each year.

It will be impossible for Balkan Championships to keep title of FEI competition in future time. FEI has very direct intention to keep governance only for Continental and World Championships, and to leave to continental federations governance for regional championships. The reason is very simple. Balkan and other regional championships just can’t follow the standards in organisation as well as keeping the quality of the sport. It is just matter of time when European Equestrian Federation (EEF) will take over responsibility for Balkan Games