{Spam?} The California Green Rush is on

From: Baxter Shelton
Subject: The California Green Rush is on

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The California Green Rush is on, GBI Farms is offering 70-100 annual returns. That’s right, you can turn $50K in to over $200 in 4 years. This is not too good to be true – by current standards; it’s a conservative return in a uniquely explosive industry – medical and soon to be recreational marijuana in California. Microshares ($5000 minimum) pay 70 annually, Full Shares ($25000 minimum) pay 100 annually. We are oversubscribed for our commercial grade cannabis grow in Salinas Valley, CA and we are helping meet exploding demand. Recreational marijuana is legal as of January, 2018 in California. We will be closing out this raise of $4.25 Million in 9 days at the current rate. If there was ever an industry to check out or a project that can build wealth fast, this is it. Double your money annually – this is a once in a lifetime market that is exploding. Many marijuana millionaires have been made but far more are coming as California goes recreational and the industry projects to grow from 2.5 Billion to 6.4 Billion in 2021. Do your due diligence – come meet us, tour the farm, grow your wealth, and don’t look back on this historic opportunity with regret. This requires a minimum $5000 investment to participate. If you would like to start your due diligence in this investment, please contact us here: http://gbifarms.com/gbi-inquiry/ or call me directly at: 949-706-4655 or email to charleslloyd1@gmail.com (don’t reply to this present email as it’s InBox isn’t monitored.) Warm Regards, Baxter Shelton

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