Animation for your company.

From: Camiel Ayari
Subject: Animation for your company.

Message Body:
Hi there! My name is Camiel and I’m from Studio Outline, an animation studio I started together with a good friend of mine, and we want to tell you about the possibilities of animation. A picture speaks more than a thousand words. You have probably heard this sentence before, a subject or concept is easily translated to images. This is possible through video, photo but also with illustration and animation. We are specialised in an illustrative form of animation: Explanimations. These are animations which make your product or service clear, they show what you want to achieve. An explanimation doesn’t only look good on your site, but also on social media; the place where everyone is at. Many other companies invest in an animation video because clients don’t have time or don’t feel like reading a bunch of text. They’d rather sit back, watch and listen. People today also generally read less but watch more, you don’t see a lot of people reading the newspaper anymore, but everyone is watching videos. You can also make a short real-life-action video, but we often see that animation is more clear, cheaper and looks a lot more hip! We can help you with making an explanimation. From concept to full-fledged end product, we take care of everything; fast and effective. Take a look at our site so you can see what we are capable of: If you want to know more or would like to contact us, you can send us a mail at (please don’t reply to this present email as this Inbox isn’t monitored) Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Camiel Ayari

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