Hola.Your business and Lyra – let’s set up a call

From: Tim Brodie
Subject: Hola.Your business and Lyra – let’s set up a call

Message Body:
Hi, First and foremast, you have a very effective website, and after reading a bit more about who you are and what you do, it sounds like your company is really geared up for success this year. Secondly, I wanted to see if we could schedule a call this week. Our partner, Pixify, recently introduced a new project management solution (Lyra Platform) aimed specifically for businesses like yours and I thought it could be of benefit. Time is precious but I wouldn’t ask if there wasn’t some substantial benefit for you. I, myself, come from quite a busy background, but I couldn’t help but notice how our partner’s latest platform could potentially work for you. When is a good time for me to get in touch for a 10-minute call or perhaps set up a demo? If you are interested, then please email me to tim.brodie@verigon.co.uk (Don’t reply to this email, as this Inbox isn’t monitored). Best regards, Tim Brodie, CEO, Verigon & Partners, tim.brodie@verigon.co.uk, +1 (917) 636-1638

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