No More Balkan Games with FEI

FEI Bureau Spring in-person meeting – main decisions

Following the successful two-day FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne (SUI), the Bureau met in FEI Headquarters for its spring in-person meeting (6-7 April 2016). The key decisions and updates can be viewed here.

Past FEI Bureau meeting in person brought to reality lines that announced in August 2015 as a future for Balkan region.

Following the President and the Groups I and II Chairs visit to the Balkan region, it was agreed that the proposal for modifications concerning the Regional Championships be brought to the General Assembly in November.  Under this proposal Regional Championships will be the responsibility of the relevant Regional Group or recognised Continental Association. A two year transition will be applied.

As a very big system/family, FEI is not able to make quick decisions, so we believe that this one didn’t come over night. If we resume Balkan Championships in past years since its start, we must be honest and say that NFs didn’t make any progress with equestrian sport, but opposite.

So, FEI decided to abandon these Balkan Games to European Equestrian Federation as a Continental Association which directly means that FEI is no more interested in existence of such Championship with no strategy or future goals.

Credits for such FEI Bureau decision goes to all Balkan NFs as members of Balkan Conference. Low level of regional strategy in developing equestrian sport made FEI family to leave Balkan to its members.

Low level of organization, quality of competitions and internationally no competitive results are just some of the facts that might brought international authorities to a conclusion which will erase FEI logo off the name of all Balkan Championships, as well as dressage.

Since further steps about Balkan Region are already determent under framed proposal for next General Assembly, we can’t say that Balkan NFs could make something irreversible. This could be also wake up call and FEI Bureau motivation plan for the whole region to include in equestrian sport and to abandon games.

Conclusion could be that our region has no prevention plan since August 2015 when it was more than clear FEI will make serious steps, but we have only reaction – no action.

What are Regional solutions to empower the sport that we have great passion?

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