Balkan Dressage Championship in 2016 – Thessaloniki (GRE)

The only regional Championship will go back to Greece after four years. In 2012 Balkan Dressage Championship took place in Athens. In 2016, host to the best dressage riders in Balkan region in Children, Junior and Senior age category will be Thessaloniki .

Last gathering of Balkan dressage riders in Thessaloniki was in September 2007, but next year competition will be held from 1st till 3rd July (or 7-10th July).

In 2015 NF Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Turkey took their national riders to Istanbul, so hopefully next year, will make an entry for teams to avoid having only Children’s Team Competition.

Most respected competition will have opportunity to improve already shaken reputation of Championship in past couple of years. In July 2016 we’ll have chance to see the future of its existence in the future years.

…Awaiting Schedule approved by FEI